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Waste into skip bins

There is generally two types of waste for skips.

General Waste.
General waste is exactly that. The type of waste you would normally expect from a home clean up, i.e., kitchen waste, old furniture, building waste, old rubbish from a shed perhaps.
This waste is disposed at landfill and disposal charges are based on weight.

Clean fill waste.
Clean fill waste is dirt, clay, broken concrete, aggregates etc. This product is not disposed at landfill and disposal charges are based on cubic metres. Generally clean fill bins are cheaper than general waste bins due to no weighing charges.

General waste and clean fill waste cannot be mixed in the same bin. As soon as a clean fill bin has general waste product added, the bin is deemed to be contaminated for clean fill and must then be disposed at landfill where weigh charges apply. This could significantly increase costs.

General rule of thumb.

  • Do not put general waste into a clean fill bin!
  • Do not put clean fill into a general waste bin.